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Welcome to Main & Johnson. We're a leading business consulting and coaching company supporting local Charlotte Area businesses and beyond. Our firm focuses on small businesses to medium-sized corporations. Whether your business is just taking off or you are looking for a smooth landing, we blend a consulting and coaching approach to your business regardless of where you are on your journey. Bringing over 20+ years of proven experience growing Fortune 500 businesses, we seek to connect organizations to their vision that got them into business in the first place. It’s not about what we do for you, but rather what we do when we partner with you. Wherever you are headed, Main & Johnson will accelerate the journey to get there. 


Forward-thinking business plans,
with guidance for fund acquisition

to accelerate your organizational growth into the future.


Customized coaching approach tailored to your unique goals and needs. We prepare you for the journey ahead.



Our consulting blueprint lifts the trajectory of local businesses and puts the pieces in place to allow for manageable upward scalability.



Why We Do It

Most people were not born to be business owners. In fact, most never even took a class on how to run a business. At Main & Johnson, we partner with business owners to bridge the gap between what success you’ve had and the success you seek. We specialize in driving accountability, long-term growth, and accelerated results with an outside perspective to blend with your knowledge and experience. We seek to see area businesses thrive, not just survive.

How We Do It

Small Business Consulting 

We engage local business owners in a variety of ways. Nothing is off-limits. Every business has unique demands, so we accommodate by creating unique programs. However, we do offer several methods to meet the general demands of most businesses in individual and group settings. Consider it a blueprint while you figure out what your unique needs are.


  • One-To-One Coaching – this is the most focused, results intensive approach to partnering with you and your business. We meet with an established cadence (an hour a week or every other week) addressing all aspects of your business challenges. It begins with aligning your personal and business goals and establishing the highest priority areas to focus on immediately.

  • Seminars – ranging from free educational seminars, lunch & learns or exclusive growth-oriented programs, we set out to equip business owners with at least a few ways to go back and make their businesses “Better” immediately.

  • Workshops – group work, with a specific focus. The business owner leaves with actionable strategies to implement in their business. They also have goals or milestones to achieve after working with a coach to help put those in place.

  • Mastermind Groups – we lead small groups of business owners/leaders in a facilitated discussion and focused efforts around coaching your business to increased performance and results. The focus is group accountability with 4 other business owners that act as a Board of Directors for your business (and vice versa). You have weekly goals, share successes/challenges, and develop lasting relationships with trusted advisors.

Small business consulting charlotte nc puzzle pieces

Corporate Partners


We work alongside our corporate partners to provide a tailored, strategic approach to help fill gaps in their business. Whether it is working on a 5-year sales strategy or working as a fractional general manager, Main & Johnson has the capability to provide executive-level results for your corporation. The services we offer are:

Our Process In View

Our approach takes a needs-based assessment of your business, where we uncover your wants for your business and pair this together with a plan that achieves both.  This is where we align on the scope and aim of the project or coaching direction.  We are in the passenger seat with the GPS…the customer is always driving. We focus on keeping you on track to the desired outcome you seek.

Growth Journey

Small Businesses

Every business has a unique path and specific challenges to reach its respective goals and ideal cruising altitude.  Main & Johnson offers expert consultation and coaching services for every step along your business growth journey. We take a 4-phase approach as your guide.

  • Takeoff - When your business is getting off the ground, it's imperative to have a solid foundation and well-thought-out plan in place. Funding acquisition and formal business planning processes start here. We'll help you get your business set as you get the wheels off the ground.

  • Ascension - As your business gains altitude, we adjust and focus our coaching strategies to accelerate your growth. We'll get you to your cruising altitude so you can feel free to get up and move about the cabin.

  • Cruising Altitude - Now that your business is cruising along, Main & Johnson is set to help you maximize profitability and efficiency in your business. Let us get your business on autopilot so you can focus on your employees, your customers, and your results.

  • Descension - As your journey nears its conclusion, a safe landing might be what you are looking to achieve. Depending on your long-term strategy/goals, we will help get your business ready for sale, to be handed down, shift to employee-owned, or even hire a person to run it while you collect residuals.

We'll help you create maximum valuation, put you in touch with the right broker, and even coach & train the CEO-in-waiting to ensure the legacy of your business continues beyond your journey.



Why We're Different

From start-up companies to small businesses and corporations, we cast a wide net and have a broad background in nearly every business facet. Our in-depth industry experience gives us the capability to bring a breadth of experience and knowledge of growing businesses from various positions of strength. The requirements to be a business coach or consultant are significant. We rely on our ability to take Fortune 500 strategies and miniaturize them down so they can be executed within smaller sized businesses.


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