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Our custom Human Resources Consulting Service is designed to help your business navigate through the different paths associated with the implementation and execution of HR policy, procedures, and strategies. HR is constantly changing and it's our responsibility to stay on top and keep you in the loop on new developments. From acquiring new employees, creating a culture that encourages top performance, to preventing and minimizing liability, we're experienced in all areas of Human Resources that apply to your business. Our belief is that every company is only as good as its employees. Employees help to build and strengthen the foundation of businesses and we apply this concept to our HR consulting services. We help you secure top talent in an uber-competitive market and we show you the best practices to keep your employees engaged and to create an environment that retains them. We believe in purpose-driven adjustments to keep companies relevant and compliant while maintaining the positive components of your workplace culture. Together we'll develop actionable HR strategies that drive real results.


Forward-thinking business plans,
with guidance for fund acquisition

to accelerate your organizational growth into the future.


Customized coaching approach tailored to your unique goals and needs. We prepare you for the journey ahead.



Our consulting blueprint lifts the trajectory of local businesses and puts the pieces in place to allow for manageable upward scalability.


Our Human Resources Services Include:

  • Human Resource Strategy

  • Policy Development

  • Policy Rollout

  • Hiring Strategy

  • Employment Engagement Strategy

  • Performance Reviews

  • Harassment Investigations

  • Leadership Training

  • Sexual Harassment Training

  • Compensation Strategy

  • HR Audits

  • HR Compliance

  • Procedure Development

  • Recruitment Marketing

  • Compensation Review

Strategic HR Moves

Our strategic HR approach puts a plan in place to ensure that your organization's employees best serve the interest of your company. The creation and development of a human resources model custom to your business allows us to show you the best practices to effectively use your personnel to meet your company's goals. This model also positions you to make sure your team is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency. We always do our due diligence and provide ample amounts of research, data analysis, and custom reporting to maximize employee productivity. Together we'll plan strategic HR moves, maximize opportunities, mitigate your liability, and drive results in an ever-evolving industry.

Human Resources Consulting handshake Charlotte NC.

Comprehensive Approach

Our clients look to us for guidance on a wide range of Human Resources areas and issues. Every company is different and every company has a different set of needs. Start-up companies, for example, have vastly different HR needs than that of an established corporation. The life cycle, age, and size of your business will determine the strategies we recommend and deploy to best fit your specific requirements and goals. Our responsibilities cover every phase of employee recruitment, placement, screening, interviewing, compensation, and labor negotiations. We take an aerial view approach to evaluate your HR needs to ensure you have everything covered under your Human Resources umbrella.

Talent Acquisition

A common challenge we frequently hear from our clients is "We want to grow and scale our business, but we are having a hard time locating and hiring talented candidates to support our desired growth". We absorbed this feedback and made this part of our core business offerings. Employee recruitment has gone through quite a transformation due to the recent advances in technology we've experienced. Traditional recruiting has shifted from the previous norms associated with locating and hiring employees to a Network recruiting approach. We help leverage different recruitment marketing levers to expand your reach and improve the pool of candidates you have to work with.


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